How to accurately reference the different parts of the Ubiq system.

The Name

Ubiq (/ˈjuːbɪk/ YOO-bik) is the name of the network specifically and the project generally. When discussing the Ubiq in text it is correct to capitalize the U as one would for any formal name.

The Brand

When using the name Ubiq for branding purposes such as graphical productions like stickers, or a situations that are meant to bring attention specifically to the name outside of a rhetorical context like articles, it is proper and acceptable to use the all capitals version "UBIQ".

The Ticker

The native value token of the Ubiq network is UBQ (/ju:bi:kju/ YOO-bi-CUE). The social media search tag is $UBQ. Capitalizing all three letters is the correct form.

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