Move funds between Ubiq and other EVM chains.
Redshift is a tool by which users can send tokenized, or "wrapped" UBQ (wUBQ) between the main Ubiq chain and other independent blockchains.
It is based on ChainBridge by ChainSafe. You can learn more about how the bridging functions work HERE.
Currently, Redshift allows interchain transfers exclusively between the Ubiq and Polygon (MATIC) networks.
Polygon wUBQ token contract address - 0xb1c5c9b97b35592777091cd34ffff141ae866abd
There are plans to deploy a Redshift bridge to the main Ethereum network. There has been no specific date yet announced related to the UBQ/ETH bridge.
You can learn more about using Redshift ( including wallet setup, MATIC faucets, and bridging) through this YouTube playlist created by the Ubiq community.
NOTE: All gas for bridge transfers between the Ubiq and Polygon ( both directions ) networks are handled automatically at no cost to the user when using Redshift!