Official Wallets

The wallet software listed here is released by the Ubiq core-dev team.


Fusion is Ubiq’s desktop wallet that incorporates a full node and browser. It has been the go-to implementation for deploying contracts since 2017. Based on Ethereum's Mist wallet, Fusion requires syncing the entire blockchain to commit transactions to the network.

Ubiq Wallet

Ubiq Wallet is the Lite implementation of Fusion that ships without a browser. It is meant for users who want a synced desktop wallet to perform transactions without the overhead of a bundled dapp browser.


Pyrus is the browser based Ubiq version of MyEtherWallet (MEW). It does not require the user to sync the blockchain, can be run in-browser on an offline machine, and enables hardware wallet support natively.


Sparrow is the Ubiq-centric fork of MetaMask. It is a web3 browser extension that enables interaction with dapps, hardware wallets, and simple custom transaction routing.


Twine is a multi-signature wallet for Ubiq based on GnosisSafe. It allows users to create wallets requiring n number of signatures to approve transactions in order to move funds held at an address.

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