Using a Trezor hardware device to secure your UBQ and tokens.

Trezor is one of the most trusted hardware solutions for securing crypto assets, and you can use it to keep your UBQ and tokens safe.

If you are setting up a Trezor device for the first time, you should follow the manufacturers instructions to complete the on-boarding process.

A few things to keep in mind.

  • Trezor devices are delivered in tamper-evident packaging. If you suspect the package has been compromised, do not use the device.

  • New devices ship without firmware installed. If your device comes with firmware installed, do not use the device.

  • To set up a new device, you will visit as instructed by the manufacturer.

  • You can find a user manual for Trezor Model One HERE, and Trezor Model T HERE.

Using your Trezor device with Ubiq

Once you have complete the initial setup as instructed by the manufacturer, you can use your Trezor to secure your Ubiq assets without having to install any further firmware or apps.

To use a Trezor with the Ubiq network;

  • Select "Send UBQ & Tokens"

  • Select "TREZOR"

  • Click "Connect to TREZOR"

  • A new tab will open requesting to export your keys -

  • Click "Allow once for this session" or chose "Don't ask me again" before confirming.

  • You will then be presented another confirmation dialogue;.

  • If your Trezor is already unlocked, you will be presented a list of UBQ addresses.

  • If your unlock has timed out, you will asked to re-enter your PIN.

  • If prompted to enter a Passphrase, you do not have to unless using a hidden wallet.

  • Select the UBQ address you would like to use and select "Unlock your Wallet".

You can now use Pyrus with your Trezor to send and receive UBQ and tokens.

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