Ubiq Improvement Proposals

The community may at times see fit to suggest changes and improvements to Ubiq. It may be a protocol level change, or the permanent adoption of something like a logo related to network assets. There may be times that the use of donated funds requires the input of the network at large.

In these instances a UIP, or Ubiq Improvement Proposal may be authored as a Github Issue in order to gauge sentiment around a topic. This provides a common space to comment and discuss the details of the proposal.

If a UIP garners enough interest and support to move forward, it will become eligible for a vote by ESCH holders. While anyone may provide their opinion and ideas during the discussion phase, one must posses an ESCH balance in order to vote on a UIP.

Winning candidates are those who attain the most overall vote weight, not the largest total of votes. While the largest amount of votes for a candidate may also carry the most weight, the only factor considered is the amount of ESCH.

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