UIP Template

A general purpose framework for authoring a Ubiq Improvement Proposal. Sections may be excluded and/or alternate portions may be added as required to properly describe the purpose of the UIP.

If you need references regarding what details to include in the sections below, or how to decide what section can be left out, or sections that do not appear here that may be included you may reference past proposals on the Ubiq Github UIP repo.

Simple Summary

This section is intended to describe what the purpose of the UIP being presented is in a general way, and why it is necessary.


This section is intended to describe the reason why the proposal being presented is something that should be considered by the community in a specific, detailed way. It should also explain the origination of the idea including what caused the idea behind the proposal be to become necessary.


This section is intended to describe the details about the proposed solution to the issue in question.


This section is intended to describe the steps that need to be taken in order to bring the proposed change or solution into production.

Creating an ordered list highlighting the course of action is a preferable item to include.

Backwards Compatibility

This section is intended to explain whether the proposed changes involved with the UIP will alter the network processes in such a way that certain functionality will become deprecated.


This section is meant to list links to information, research or data that is relevant to the proposal and has informed its creation in some significant way.

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